Welcome to JSCCA

The Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants was established in 1974 to promote and serve the accountancy profession in Jersey.





Welcome to JSCCA


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We believe that accountancy is a vital component of our economy, essential to help it to grow and prosper. We’re here to serve accountants in Jersey from every industry and size of organisation. We’re committed to supporting and building the profession in Jersey, and helping practitioners on our island make our island stronger, fairer and more transparent for our community’s benefit.

We have over 500 members and students in Jersey. They're world class and highly sought-after accountants. Some may spend their whole career on-island, whilst others will work across the globe, bringing back innovative thinking and global experience that equips them to lead businesses across the island.

Being a member of our organisation means you’ll be designated as not only training for or holding a world recognised professional accounting qualification, but being on top of local trends, legistative change and helping shape future change through member consultations.



JSCCA Membership

JSCCA Membership

Our membership extends to members of Chartered, Certified and other recognised accountancy bodies and students thereof.

The JSCCA is your local Society and we hope that you will play an active part in the continued development of the Society to ensure that it remains of relevance to accountants in Jersey.

From its inauguration to date, the Society has consistently played an important role in the Island of Jersey. This role has not just been about representing accountants who are its members, but also by its participation in matters relevant to the Island’s economic well being, particularly in connection with the finance sector.

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We offer support, structure, guidance and quality of education throughout the training process

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