About Us

The Jersey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants was established in 1974 to promote and serve the accountancy profession in Jersey.


We’re here to support accounting professionals right across the island and we’re committed to ensuring we have a healthy pool of accountancy expertise available to meet Jersey’s needs now and in the future.

The original founding objects of the JSCCA set in 1974 have stood the test of time and we believe they will do so for decades to come.

We exist to:

  • Encourage co-operation between members.
  • Get members interested and actively involved in matters that affect their profession.
  • Provide a forum where members can discuss matters of mutual interest.
  • Provide a means to collate and express a collective professional opinion on matters of public interest.
  • Communicate with the Jersey authorities and other professional bodies.
  • Promote high standards of professional conduct.

Wherever it makes sense to do so, we use our close and effective links with the GSCCA, our Guernsey counterpart, to offer the islands the very best quality accountancy expertise and advice.

How we deliver on our objectives ranges widely, from offering bursaries to local university undergraduates, to running two day annual CPD conferences and monthly training sessions for our members. Find out more about our events.


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We offer support, structure, guidance and quality of education throughout the training process

Full membership £25

Student membership £15