Accounting Regulation Sub-Committee

Helping to monitor and influence future changes in the legal and regulatory framework.


The Accounting Regulation sub-committee is responsible for considering changes in the legal and regulatory framework which may impact the requirement for, or scope of, accountancy-related work in Jersey.

The Committee, working in close collaboration with the Technical Committee, collates feedback from members in order to respond to formal consultations.  The Committee also facilitates the JSCCA’s role in monitoring and influencing future changes in the legal and regulatory framework, providing an industry view and providing informal feedback where appropriate, enabling participation on relevant steering committees, and so on.

The Committee’s recent activities include:

  • Considering proposed changes to the Crown Dependency Audit Rules & Guidance
  • Supporting the debate on tax substance requirements for Jersey resident companies
  • Providing industry representation on the eVID Financial Services Working Group
  • Responding to the JFSC’s consultation “Data to support Risk-based Supervision”
  • Submitting feedback on the operation of the auditor oversight regime in Jersey
  • Providing industry representation for the Financial Services Strategic Review


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