If the going gets tough.


As a business community we take the wellbeing of our members seriously and  aim to promote the importance of being equipped to understand and mange your personal wellbeing effectively.

As an organisation at the heart of the business community, we understand the pressures that can come during your career andpromote initiatives that can enhance the wellbeing of our members.

Whether its during study, or as you progress in your career, it is common to at times find it hard to maintain a healthy balance between study, work and your wider personal commitments and aspirations. We aim to help businesses understand and prioritise initiatives that help equip employees and business leaders to understand and manage their physical and mental wellbeing effectively.

The organisation you are connected to may provide support to staff who would like help in keeping their mental health well managed. We have links to a number of different organisations that provide information, phone access to support and where needed, one to one counselling and support.

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