JSSCA taxation committee and prior year basis of paying taxes

Revenue Jersey have recently asked the JSCCA to participate in two important exercises relating to the future development of the Island’s tax system, namely: (i) a proposal to abolish the prior year basis (PYB) of paying taxes ; and (ii) a review of concessions and practice.
These exercises represent an ideal opportunity to reconstitute the JSCCA’s taxation committee and hence any members interested in joining the taxation committee are invited to notify their interest to: [email protected].
In light of the general and important nature of the proposal to abolish the prior year basis of paying tax, please find attached a copy of the discussion paper issued by Revenue Jersey on this topic.  You will note that Revenue Jersey have asked for any “comments and observations” by 30 August 2020.  Of course members are encouraged to respond directly to Revenue Jersey; to the extent that members would like to input to the JSCCA’s response, please can comments be sent to [email protected] with the heading of “Proposal to abolish the Prior Year Basis of paying taxes - comments” by close of business on Friday 14 August 2020.

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